Frequently Asked Questions

Formed in 1935, the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) is the peak industry body with Member firms in every State and Territory. AFDA is a public company, limited by guarantee, that is administered by an elected Board with a National Office and six Divisional Offices. AFDA Member firms are chosen by the majority of families to provide funeral arrangements for their loved ones. AFDA is widely recognised as the authoritative voice on all funeral matters and its key objective is to optimise the funeral experience and ensure quality delivery of service to the wider community by enhancing and promoting professional funeral standards.

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The Funeral Learning Hub (FLH) is a modern online learning platform, available to AFDA members. There will be over 65 courses available by the end of the year with more being added on a regular basis. Courses cover a wide range of topics from the Role of A Funeral Director, Funerals and Society, The Transfer to an Introduction to Cremations, Wellbeing, Grieving and Loss of a Child. FLH delivers learning bundles, tracks and records learner engagement, and recognises and rewards the attainment of new skills. Learning modules include appropriate industry training and development at all levels from administration staff to funeral directors and business owners, enhancing the skill set of every team member in the funeral home.

All AFDA members in good standing have access to the FLH. AFDA will issue you with a code. You can enter via the FLH login page or via the AFDA website.

Access is valid for as long as you are an employee of an AFDA member firm in good standing.

Course and bundles include appropriate industry training and development at all levels from administration staff to funeral directors and business owners, enhancing the skill set of every team member in the funeral business.

We encourage all learners to take courses that are relevant to their role or professional development. To help you decide which course is best for your current stage of experience or learning, we have assigned each course a category. Learning Levels are foundational, intermediate, and advanced.


Lunch & Learns are courses on a variety of subjects that can be completed in 5-15 minutes.


The Funeral Learning Hub has a wide variety of courses, lunch & learns, webinars and resources.

As an AFDA member, you have access to all of the courses on the platform.

The Funeral Learning Hub delivers a wide range of courses. Courses that are complementary or similar in topic area make up a bundle. For example, the Introduction to Funerals bundle includes courses that give learners an overview of the funeral industry – a great place to start for new to industry staff. On completion of a course, learners will receive a downloadable pdf certificate recognising their completion and acknowledging the number of CPD hours achieved. On complete of a bundle, learners will receive a Digital Badge, recognising the additional rigour and time involved for completing a bundle.



Key security features include seamless built in SSL certificates and 24/7 monitoring. The site is GDPR and SOC2 compliant and all our information is stored in a secure database hosted on the AWS cloud platform. It runs on the same highly reliable infrastructure used by other Amazon Web Services. We have provisioned the data storage as a Multi-AZ database where its data is synchronously replicated to a standby instance in a different Availability Zone (AZ) for failover purposes. It is also SSD-backed optimized for high-performance applications.

We limit the information we collect about you to first and last name, email address, work location and learning results.

AFDA members who successfully complete a course bundle will receive a Digital Badge. The Digital Badge verifies that you have completed the indicated course through AFDA’s Funeral Learning Hub. Digital Badges can be shared easily through social media, showcasing your knowledge and achievements and allowing readers to click through to find out more about the course and the learning level have achieved.

Each month the AFDA will issue Digital Badges by email to those have successfully completed the requirements in the previous month.